Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Techniques mcq

Q. 1. Which dredger essentially consist of sand pump which excavates and transport the bed
material in one operation.
A : Hydraulic
B : Skimmer
C : Bucket ladder
D : Grab


Q. 2. The marine structure located alongside or at the entrance of a pier or a wharf is
A : Pier heads
B : Dolphins
C : Breakwater
D : Fenders



Q. 3. Which of the following conditions of loading imposes the greatest load on the foundation
in case of dry docks?

A : When the dock is empty
B : When the dock is empty with the ship of maximum tonnage
C : When the dock is dry and is under construction
D : When the dock is full of water

When the dock is full of water

Q. 4. The rail is designated by its
A : Length
B : Weight
C : Cross-section
D : Weight per unit length


Weight per unit length

Q. 5. How many components does a harbour comprise of?
A : 5
B : 10
C : 15
D : 20


Q. 6. The size of the bulldozer is indicated by the dimension of its
A : Site
B : Tyre
C : Engine
D : Blades



Q. 7. Railway tunnels are generally
A : Polycentric
B : Rectangular
C : Parabolic
D : Circular


Q. 8. Gauge is the distance between
A : Center to center of rails
B : Distance between inner face two rails of a track
C : Outer faces of rails
D : Center to center of Sleeper


Q. 9. Tunneling is required in case of
A : Laying pavement
B : Laying road
C : On ground passage
D : Underground passage

Underground passage

Q. 10. Which one is a self propelled machine used mainly to exert a powerful tractive force for
pulling other machines

A : Tractors
B : Bulldozer
C : Angle dozer
D : Scraper



Q. 11. A barge is
A : Ship used for fishing purpose
B : Light weight ship
C : Dreadger
D : Ship having flat bottom

Ship having flat bottom

Q. 12. For hauling muck from the tunnel, the following type of muck-car is used
A : Muck box
B : Side car
C : U-bottom
D : V- bottom

Muck box

Q. 13. The areas partially enclosed of water, are approached by open entrances and are
subjected to fluctuations of water level is called.

A : Wet Dock
B : Breakwater
C : Tidal Basin
D : Pier


Q. 14. The gradient on which an additional engine is required to negotiate the gradient, is

A : Pusher gradient
B : Momentum gradient
C : Ruling gradient
D : Steep gradient

Pusher gradient

Q. 15. Largest dimension of a rail is its
A : Foot width
B : Head width
C : Height
D : Web thickness



Q. 16. To attain the required shape of the tunnel section, we use:
A : Easers
B : Trimmers
C : Cut-holes
D : Chisels


Q. 17. What is Disadvantage of PPP ?
A : Speed in completion of work
B : Cost effective
C : Feasiable for all Project
D : Efficient

Feasiable for all Project

Q. 18. The alignment of breakwater should be
A : Horizontal
B : Straight
C : Perpendicular
D : Diagonal


Q. 19. Which is an oldest type of machine which removes earth.
A : Escalator
B : Excavator
C : Elevator
D : Bulldozer


Q. 20. How many rail sections are there ?
A : 2
B : 3
C : 4
D : 1



Q. 21. Tunnel is found more advantageous as compared to the alternate routes because it
A : Less construction cost
B : Save time of travelling
C : Good Ventilation
D : Less maintenance cost

Save time of travelling

Q. 22. Chain slings are used for
A : Light loads
B : Heavy loads
C : Medium loads
D : Very heavy loads

Heavy loads

Q. 23. Which equipment is used to excavate underwater material?
A : Scraper
B : Dredger
C : Excavator
D : Crane



Q. 24. the maximum dewatering capacity of a single well point is approximately in liter per

A : 1
B : 3
C : 2
D : 1.5


Q. 25. Main disadvantage of steel sleepers is
A : It gets rusted quickly
B : Its lugs get broken
C : Its lugs get split
D : It gets teared

It gets rusted quickly

Q. 26. Which method of depreciation calculation assumed that a property loses its value by the
same amount every year

A : Sinking fund
B : Operating Cost
C : Straight line
D : Constant percentage

Straight line

Q. 27. Which equipment are used to decrease the porosity of earth and to increase the density
and strength of the earth.

A : Excavation
B : Compaction
C : Hauling
D : Hoisting



Q. 28. The main function of a fish plate is to join
A : two rails together
B : Rails and sleeper
C : Allow rail to expand and contract freely
D : for track circuiting

two rails together

Q. 29. The removal of excess of water from the saturated soil mass is called
A : Saturation
B : Pumpimg
C : Removing
D : Drainage & dewatering

Drainage & dewatering

Q. 30. A ship strikes the birth generally at an angle with the face of the dock is
A : 90°
B : 45°
C : 30°
D : 10°


Q. 31. Which rollers are considered most suitable for compacting clayey soil or soil containing
mixture of sand and clay.

A : Smooth wheeled
B : Pneumatic
C : Dead weight
D : Sheep’s foot


Sheep’s foot

Q. 32. Which one is a type of utility based harbour
A : River harbour
B : Artificial harbour
C : Commercial harbour
D : Canal harbor

Commercial harbour

Q. 33. The length of rail for Broad gauge and Meter gauge are respectively
A : 13m,12m
B : 12m,13m
C : 13m,13m
D : 12m,12m


Q. 34. Limiting value of cant is
A : G-8
B : G-10
C : G-12
D : G-15



Q. 35. Which of the following should be considered while aligning a tunnel?
A : Atmospheric conditions
B : Surface limits
C : Hydrological Conditions
D : Climatic Conditions

Hydrological Conditions

Q. 36. Switch angle is the angle between
A : The gauge face of the stock rail and tongue rail
B : The outer face of the stock rail and tongue rail
C : The gauge face of the stock rail and outer face of the tongue rail
D : The outer face of the stock rail and the gauge face of the tongue rail

The gauge face of the stock rail and tongue rail

Q. 37. The open type of wharves are made of
A : Timber
B : R.C.C.
C : Timber, R.C.C. or both
D : Earth or rock fill

Timber, R.C.C. or both

Q. 38. Packing of ballast is done
A : Near the ends of sleepers
B : On the shoulders
C : Between two rails
D : Under sleepers


Q. 39. Boring is done with the help of a tool known as
A : Taps
B : boring cutter
C : cutting tool
D : twist drill

boring cutter

Q. 40. A Grader which is told by a tractor is known as
A : Tractor grader
B : Motor grader
C : Scraper
D : Elevating grader

Elevating grader

Q. 41. Identify the type of Well Point System which can suck water up to 5 meters?
A : Vaccum system
B : Multi stage system
C : Single stage system
D : Pumping


Single stage system

Q. 42. Circular section of tunnels is suitable as
A : Traffic tunnel
B : Hydrological tunnel
C : Pedetrian tunnel
D : Navigation tunnel

Hydrological tunnel

Q. 43. A dock is
A : Structure for berthing of vessels for loading and unloading cargo
B : Is provided with a dock gate
C : Is provided with an arrangement to pump out water when required
D : Where fishery transport takes place

Structure for berthing of vessels for loading and unloading cargo

Q. 44. Among the following, which doesn’t belong to tunnel classification?
A : Firm ground
B : Running ground
C : Rocky ground
D : Soft ground


Rocky ground

Q. 45. Which of the following is used for lifting the load and transport to other in factories or

A : Gantry crane
B : Overhead cranes
C : Traveller cranes
D : Pillar gib crane

Gantry crane

Q. 46. In case of railways,
A : A detour round the hill is preferred
B : A open cut is preferred
C : Tunnelling is preferred
D : Cut holes

Tunnelling is preferred

Q. 47. Which of the following docks can lift a ship by means of its own buoyancy?
A : Floating dock
B : Lift dock
C : Marine railway dock
D : None of the above


Floating dock

Q. 48. Fork lift truck is used for
A : Lifting and lowering
B : Vertical transportation
C : Both a and b
D : Overhead cranes

Both a and b

Q. 49. Example of Public Private Partnership is
A : Railway
B : Toll-plaza on Road
C : Dam
D : Bridge

Toll-plaza on Road

Q. 50. For a Broad Gauge route with (M + 7) sleeper density, number of sleepers per rail
length is

A : 18
B : 19
C : 20
D : 21


Q. 51. Which is very useful equipment and it can be used for construction work like to clear
the site of work, to make the land level, etc.

A : Scraper
B : Grader
C : Excavator
D : Bulldozer


Q. 52. The electric potential used in the electroosmosis method of dewatering
A : 40 volts to 180 volts
B : 20 volts to 100 volts
C : 50 volts to150 volts
D : 50 volts to 300 volts


40 volts to 180 volts

Q. 53. For a sleeper density of (n+5), the number of sleepers required for constructing a broad
gauge railway track of 650 mm is

A : 900
B : 978
C : 818
D : 975


Q. 54. Which one of the following is a component of a shield for tunneling?
A : Liner plate
B : Trench jack
C : Cutting edge
D : Stiffener

Cutting edge

Q. 55. The diameter of deep wells is varing from
A : 150 mm to 200 mm
B : 100 mm to 125 mm
C : 150 mm to 300 mm
D : 200 mm to 300 mm


150 mm to 300 mm

Q. 56. The angle between the gauge faces of the stock rail and tongue rail, is called
A : Angle of crossing
B : Switch angle
C : Angle of turnout
D : Angle of rail

Switch angle

Q. 57. The entrance channel ranges from
A : 100-160m
B : 100-500m
C : 0-400m
D : 100-260m


Q. 58. Pick up the explosive used for tunnelling in soft rocks from the following
A : Special gelatine
B : Blasting gelatin
C : Ammonia dynamite
D : Semi-gelatine

Special gelatine

Q. 59. The use of marine railway dock is limited to vessels of not more than
A : 20000 kN
B : 50000 kN
C : 60000 kN
D : 70000 kN


50000 kN

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