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Following are some of the most important Google cloud platform mcq questions that can be helpful for various exams, aptitude tests as well as interviews associated with Google cloud platform, Amazon web services and other major cloud service provider companies. Questions given in this google cloud platform quiz covers from fundamental to moderate level knowledge of solver. This questions can also be asked for Google cloud associate engineer interviews.

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gcp mcq questions

Q. Which of the following gcloud command is used to set scopes?
1. gcloud compute instances set-scopes
2. gcloud compute instances set-service-account
3. gcloud compute service-accounts set-scopes
4. gcloud compute service-accounts define-scopes


gcloud compute instances set-service-account

Q. In Google cloud platform, pricing of a VM can be vary based on _____
1. server location
2. machine type
3. Type and size of storage disk
4. All of the above


All of the above

Q. Stackdriver service that alerts when the CPU utilization
of a virtual machine exceeds 80% limit?

1. Logging
2. Monitoring
3. Cloud Trace
4. Cloud Debug



Q. Scopes are access controls that are applied to ______?
1. Storage buckets
2. VM instances
3. Persistent disks
4. Subnets


VM instances

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Q. Which of the following services are serverless?
1. Cloud Storage
2. App Engine
3. Cloud Functions
4. All of the above


All of the above

Q. Which of the below gcloud command is used to create a custom role?
1. gcloud project roles create
2. gcloud iam roles create
3. gcloud project create roles
4. gcloud iam create roles

gcloud iam roles create


Q. What block size used by all block storage systems?
1. 4KB
2. 8KB
3. 16KB
4. Block size can vary.

Block size can vary.

Google Cloud Platform mcq questions

Q. Which Google Cloud Platform service can be used for serverless file processing and running website backend?
1. Kubernetes Engine
2. App Engine
3. NFS
4. Compute Engine


App Engine

Cloud Computing mcq with answers

Q. The most fundamental unit of cloud computing is?
1. Physical server
2. Block
3. VM
4. Subnet



Q. In Google cloud platform, you cannot increase RAM of deployed VM instance.
1. True
2. False


Q. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was launched in
1. 2008
2. 2009
3. 1998
4. 2005



GCP mcq questions

Google Cloud Platform mcq questions for google cloud associate engineer interviews. Google cloud professional cloud architect exam aspirants can also prepare from these GCP mcq questions and answers just as practice purpose. Google cloud platform fundamentals quiz answers are given below.

Q. Cloud Vision is a ____
1. service based on 3 servers
2. service based on single server
3. VM
4. serverless service

serverless service

Q. Which of the following Cloud shell command will open a blank editor window?
1. $ cloudshell edit
2. $ cloudshell new
3. $ cloudshell blank
4. $ cloudshell editor


$ cloudshell edit

Q. which of the following web app storage system allows users to upload large data files that will be stored
in high-availability storage system?

1. Block storage
2. Object storage
3. Compute Engine
4. Network File System


Object storage

Q. Grouping a set of metrics that arrive in a specific time into regular-sized
buckets is called as?

1. Aggregation
2. Alignment
3. Minimization
4. Consolidation


Q. When admin assigns read-only permission to a custom role. What level of privilege is given?
1. Defense in depth
2. Least privilege
3. Separation of duties
4. Vulnerability scanning

Least privilege

Q. Upto ____ number of days log data will be stored in Stackdriver Logging
1. 7 days
2. 15 days
3. 30 days
4. 60 days

30 days

Google Cloud Platform mcq questions and answers

Q. Stackdriver can be used to monitor resources where?
1. In Google Cloud Platform only
2. In Google Cloud Platform and AWS only
3. In Google Cloud Platform and on premises data centers
4. In Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and on premises data centers
premises data

In Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and on premises data

Q. In GCP, to change the machine type of an existing VM instance, the instance must be
1. stop
2. start
3. running
4. suspend


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Q. If you are using a cluster that is managed by a cloud provider, _____
also managed by the cloud provider along with the cluster.

1. Monitoring
2. Networking
3. Some security management tasks
4. All of the above

All of the above

Q. Cloud Filestore is based on what file system technology?
1. Network File System (NFS)
2. XFS
3. EXT4
4. ReiserFS

Network File System (NFS)

Q. In Google Cloud Platform, your network and all it’s resources are considered as?
1. Virtual private cloud
2. Subdomain
3. Cluster
4. None of the above

Virtual private cloud

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