Computer Networks mcq questions and answers

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Below are the 60 most important computer networks mcq questions and answers (cn sppu mcq) with computer networks sppu mcq pdf free download. These CN mcqs probably be asked in your TE sppu online exam. The computer networks sppu mcq are taken from the specially created CN mcq question bank by respective university professors. Preparing these cn mcq questions and answers pdf will definetly help you achive good marks in your CN sppu mcq test. Best Luck.

Computer Networks mcq questions and answers

Q. 1. HTTP is __ protocol
A : transport layer
B : application layer
C : network layer
D : data link layer


application layer

Q. 2. Data communication system spanning states, countries, or the whole
world is




Q. 3. In Active mode FTP, the client initiates both the control and data

A : true
B : false
C : None
D : Can not predict



Q. 4. In TCP, sending and receiving data is done as
A : Stream of bytes
B : Sequence of characters
C : Lines of data
D : Packets

Stream of bytes

Q. 5. How many versions available of IP?
A : 6 version
B : 4 version
C : 2 version
D : 1 version


2 version

Q. 6. In framing, there is no need for defining the boundaries of frames.
A : standard
B : fixed-size
C : variable-size
D : character



Q. 7. FTP server listens for connection on which port number?
A : 20
B : 21
C : 22
D : 23


Q. 8. If DHCP snooping is configured on a LAN switch, then clients having
specific _ can access the network.

A : MAC Address
B : IP Address
C : MAC and IP address
D : MAC or IP address


MAC and IP address

Q. 9. Which one of the following protocol delivers/stores mail to reciever server?
A : simple mail transfer protocol
B : post office protocol
C : internet mail access protocol
D : hypertext transfer protocol

simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)

Q. 10. A error means that 2 or more bits in the data unit have changed.
A : unibit
B : burst
C : channel
D : noisy


Computer Networks sppu mcq pdf

Q. 11. Retransmission of packets must not be done when
A : Packet is lost
B : Packet is corrupted
C : Packet is needed
D : Packet is error-free


Packet is error-free

Q. 12. The correction of errors is the detection.
A : more difficult than
B : easier
C : similar
D : None of the above

more difficult than

Q. 13. Which topology used by CSMA with collision detection
A : MAC address
B : IP address
C : port address
D : specific address


MAC address

Q. 14. protocol has neither flow control nor error control
A : stop and wait
B : simplest
C : easiest


Q. 15. Which type of network is used for small geographical area such as in a
one building?




Q. 16. MAC Address is the example of
A : Transport Layer
B : Data Link Layer
C : Application Layer
D : Physical Layer

Data Link Layer

Q. 17. In pure Aloha what is maximum number of retransmission attempts if
frame get congested in the channel

A : Two half
B : One Half
C : Three half
D : Four half

One Half

Q. 18. which Displays entries in DNS cache
A : ipconfig /displaydns
B : ipconfig /flushdns
C : Normal DHCP Scope
D : ipconfig /registerdns


ipconfig /displaydns

Q. 19. Which network topology requires a central controller or hub?
A : Mesh
B : Star
C : Ring
D : Bus


Q. 20. The network layer protocol for internet is _
A : ethernet
B : Internet protocol
C : hypertext transfer protocol
D : file transfer protocol


Internet protocol

CN mcq sppu

Q. 21. In Stop-and-WaitARQ~the acknowledgment number always announces in
arithmetic the sequence number ofthe next frame expected
A : modulo-2
B : modulo-4
C : modulo-8
D : modulo-


Q. 22. Repeater operates in which layer of the OSI model?
A : Physical layer
B : Data link layer
C : Network layer
D : Transport layer

Physical layer

Q. 23. DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) provides __ to the

A : IP address
B : MAC Address
C : Port Address
D : Physical Address


IP address

Q. 24. The _ field is used to detect errors over the entire user datagram.
A : udp header
B : checksum
C : source port
D : destination port


Q. 25. Connection establishment in TCP is done by which mechanism?
A : Flow control
B : Three-Way Handshaking
C : Forwarding
D : Synchronization

Three-Way Handshaking

Q. 26. In sliding window protocol, the send window can slide one or more slots when valid arrives.
A : bit
B : request
C : flag
D : acknowledgement


Q. 27. Sets an alias for a host name
A : DNS Event Logging tab
B : DNS Debug Logging tab
C : DNS CNAME (canonical name)
D : DNS Event and Debug ta

DNS CNAME (canonical name)

Q. 28. Both Go-Back-N and Selective-Repeat Protocols use a _
A : sliding window
B : sliding frame
C : sliding packet
D : sliding door

sliding window

Q. 29. Which of the following layer of OSI model also called end-to-end layer?
A : Presentation layer
B : Network layer
C : Session layer
D : Transport layer

Transport layer

Q. 30. A place where there is a field of signal through which you can access WiFi
internet is called –

A : WiFi Hotspots
B : WiFi Internet
C : WiFi Zone
D : WiFi Range


WiFi Hotspots

CN mcq questions and answers pdf

Q. 31. MANET stands for
A : Wireless ad hoc network
B : Mobile ad hoc network
C : Multiple ad hoc network
D : Multi advance network

Mobile ad hoc network

Q. 32. Which of following provides reliable communication?
B : IP
D : All of the above


Q. 33. Which one of the following is not correct?
A : RTCP provides canonical end-point identifiers to all session participants
B : RTCP reports are expected to be sent by all participants
C : RTCP itself does not provide any flow encryption or authentication methods
D : RTCP handles the actual data delivery

RTCP handles the actual data delivery

Q. 34. A connection in SCTP is called an _
A : negotiation
B : association
C : transmission
D : reception



Q. 35. In CSMA with collision detection the energy level of channel can have
three values: Normal , Zero, and abnormal which of the following is correct

A : Wired network
B : Wireless Network
C : Wired and Wireless Network
D : Client Server Network

Wireless Network

Q. 36. In HDLC Normal transfer mode is used for ____
A : only point to point links
B : only point to multipoint links
C : either point to point links or point to multipoint links
D : both point to point and multipoint links

both point to point and multipoint links

Q. 37. Which of the following address belongs class A?
A :
B :
C :
D :


Q. 38. Which access method is used by Standard ethernet
A : Ethernet
B : FDDI or Fiber Channel
C : Token Ring

FDDI or Fiber Channel

Q. 39. In SCTP, a data chunk is numbered using
B : SI


Q. 40. The maximum length (in bytes) of an IPv4 datagram is?
A : 32
B : 1024
C : 65535
D : 512


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Q. 41. Three types of HDLC frames are :
A : Data frames, Supervisory frames, Un-numbered frames
B : Information frames, Supervisory frames, Un-numbered frames
C : Information frames, Supervisory frames, Numbered frames
D : Information frames, Controlled frames, Numbered frames

Information frames, Supervisory frames, Un-numbered frames

Q. 42. The port number is “ephemeral port number”, if the source host is ___
B : Echo
C : Server
D : Client


Q. 43. In class C , if subnet mask is then calculates number of subnet?
A : 6
B : 8
C : 4
D : 10


Q. 44. A pure ALOHA network transmits 200 bit frames on a shared channel of 200 kbps What is the throughput if the system (all stations together) produces 250 frames per second
A : 92 frames
B : 368 frames
C : 49 frames
D : 151 frames


49 frames

Q. 45. The ASCII encoding of binary data is called
A : base 64 encoding
B : base 32 encoding
C : base 16 encoding
D : base 8 encoding

base 64 encoding

Q. 46. Peer-to-peer processes are processes on two or more devices communicating at a
A : same layer
B : different layer
C : different layer on different device
D : none of above

same layer

Q. 47. IPv6 does not support which of the following addressing modes?
A : unicast addressing
B : multicast addressing
C : broadcast addressing
D : anycast addressing

broadcast addressing

Q. 48. When collection of various computers seems a single coherent system to its client, then it is called ___
A : computer network
B : distributed system
C : networking system
D : mail system


distributed system

Q. 49. _ refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data that the sender can send before waiting for acknowledgment.
A : Flow control
B : Speed control
C : Error control
D : Data control

Flow control

Q. 50. The process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device is called
A : Port address translation (PAT)
B : Network address translation (NAT)
C : Address mapping
D : Port mapping

Network address translation (NAT)

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Q. 51. The right to use a domain name is delegated by domain name registers which are accredited by _
A : internet architecture board
B : internet society
C : internet research task force
D : internet corporation for assigned names and numbers

internet corporation for assigned names and numbers

Q. 52. The dump of a UDP header in hexadecimal is CB84000D001C001C. What is
source port number.
A : 000D
B : CB84
C : 001C
D : 001D



Q. 53. The ______Protocol, adds a simple error control mechanism to the _______Protocol.
A : Selective Repeat ARQ; Go-Back-N ARQ
B : Go-Back-N ARQ; Stop-and-Wait
C : Stop-and-Wait ARQ; Go-Back-N ARQ
D : Stop-and-Wait ARQ; Stop-and-Wait

Stop-and-Wait ARQ; Stop-and-Wait

Q. 54. Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ________ transmission.
A : Automatic
B : Half-duplex
C : Full-duplex
D : Simplex


Q. 55. What is on-demand mail relay (ODMR)?
A : protocol for SMTP security
B : an SMTP extension
C : protocol for faster mail transfer
D : protocol for web page

an SMTP extension

Q. 56. In the IPv4 addressing format, the number of networks allowed under
Class C addresses is

A : 2 rest to 14
B : 2 rest to 7
C : 2 rest to 21
D : 2 rest to 24


2 rest to 21

Q. 57. The values GET, POST, HEAD etc are specified in _ of HTTP

A : Request line
B : Header line
C : Status line
D : Entity body

Request line

Q. 58. In OSI model, when data is sent from device A to device B, the 5th layer to
receive data at B is
A : Application layer
B : Transport layer
C : Link layer
D : Session layer

Session layer

Q. 59. After obtaining the IP address, to prevent the IP conflict the client may
use _

A : internet relay chat
B : broader gateway protocol
C : address resolution protocol
D : Internet Address Chat

address resolution protocol

Q. 60. Which layer is responsible for process to process delivery in a general
network model?

A : network layer
B : transport layer
C : session layer
D : data link layer


transport layer

CN mcq questions and answers pdf

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