60 most important CAD CAM Automation mcq SPPU | online exams

Q. 1. Which of the following drive system is not used in Robotics
A : Hydraulic
B : Manual
C : Pneumatic
D : Electric motor



Q. 2. The use of computers to control the operation of production process is known as


Q. 3. RP systems are classified into ____ types
A : 1
B : 2
C : 3
D : 4



Q. 4. for holding hollow work part ___________is required
A : internal gripper
B : external gripper
C : magnetic gripper is required
D : notch gripper is required

internal gripper

Q. 5. _________ is not a stage of PLM
A : design
B : introduction
C : decline
D : growth



Q. 6. Which one of the following in not Rapid Prototyping Process –


Q. 7. Which one of following is not part of FMS –
B : AGV’s
C : Lathe
D : CNC Machines



Q. 8. What are types of Automation (a) Hard Automation, (b) Soft Automation
A : Only (a)
B : Only (b)
C : Both (a) and (b)
D : None of the above


Both (a) and (b)

Q. 9. Computer Integrated Manufacturing is_____
A : Extension of CAM
B : management philosophy
C : a type of automation
D : link between CAD and CAM

management philosophy

Q. 10. 6 axis milling machine is capable of
A : moving and rotating about each primary axis simultaneously
B : moving only about each primary axis simultaneously
C : rotating only about each primary axis simultaneously
D : moving and rotating about each primary axis only at a time


moving and rotating about each primary axis simultaneously

Q. 11. Which of the following is the default cooridnate system?
A : User coordinate system
B : World coordinate system
C : Screen coordinate system
D : Working cooridnate system

World coordinate system

Q. 12. If the values of Sx and Sy are 1
A : Reduce the size of the object
B : Distort the object
C : Enlarge the object
D : No change is size of object


No change is size of object

Q. 13. Steriolithography uses__________ as building material
A : Plasma
B : Powder
C : Liquid
D : Solid


Q. 14. ______ is most versatile automation
A : Hard
B : Soft
C : Programmable
D : Open



Q. 15. ________ is similar to plastic injection moulding


Q. 16. FMS stands for
A : Fixed Manufacturing Systems
B : Flexible Manufacturing System
C : Fused Manufacturing System
D : Follower Manufacturing System


Flexible Manufacturing System

Q. 17. In two dimensional elements, DOF of a node in a triangular element is
A : 2
B : 3
C : 6
D : 9


Q. 18. The transformation that is used to alter the size of an object is …………..
A : Scaling
B : Rotation
C : Translation
D : Reflection


Q. 19. Reflection is the process of obtaining a ………image of the original shape.
A : Smaller
B : Larger
C : Slant
D : Mirror


Q. 20. Any point in a structure can have maximum of ——————-DOF
A : 2
B : 3
C : 4
D : 6


Q. 21. Which of the following is not a synthetic entity?
A : Hyperbola
B : Bezier curve
C : B-spline curve
D : Cubic spline curve



Q. 22. The nature of loading at various locations and other surfaces conditions called
A : boundary condition
B : traction
C : friction
D : surfacing

boundary condition

Q. 23. Typical canned drilling cycle is specified by
A : G74
B : G78
C : G81
D : G85


Q. 24. When the series of motion of the tool is repeated number of times which of the following
command is used

A : Subroutines
B : Canned cycle
C : Macros
D : Tool length and diameter compensation


Canned cycle

Q. 25. The characteristic of the shape function is _______.
A : the shape function has a unit value at one nodal point and zero value at the other nodes
B : the sum of the shape function is equal to one
C : both a & b
D : the shape function has different values at each node

both a & b

Q. 26. In CNC programming, cutter radius compensation to left and right are specified by
A : G41 and G42 respectively
B : G42 and G41 respectively
C : G40 and G41 respectively
D : G40 and G42 respectively

G41 and G42 respectively

Q. 27. The two-dimensional rotation equation in the matrix form is
A : q101.jpg
B : q102.jpg
C : q103.jpg
D : q104.jpg


Q. 28. The number of moveable joints in the base, the arm, and the end effectors of the robot

A : degrees of freedom
B : payload capacity
C : operational limits
D : flexibility


degrees of freedom

Q. 29. Hard automation is used when jobs are in
A : low quantity
B : medium quantity
C : batch quantity
D : huge quantity

huge quantity

Q. 30. The unit vector in the direction of the line is defined as …………
A : tangent vector + length of the line
B : tangent vector – length of the line
C : tangent vector/length of line
D : length of line/tangent vector

tangent vector/length of line

Q. 31. If a Robot can alter its own trajectory in response to external conditions, it is considered
to be

A : Intelligent
B : Mobile
C : Non servo
D : Open loop



Q. 32. The degree of the curve is independent of the number of control point in ……..
A : Hermite cubic spline curve
B : Bezier curve
C : B-spline curve
D : Hyperbola

B-spline curve

Q. 33. Which of the following person used the name robotics first time in print?
A : Josef capek
B : Karel capek
C : Isaac asimov
D : Newton

Isaac asimov

Q. 34. The region throughout which a robot arm can accomplish tasks is called its:
A : Coordinate geometry.
B : Reference axis.
C : Reference frame.
D : Work envelope.


Work envelope.

Q. 35. The equation for thermal stress in each element is ________.
A : σ = E (Bq + α Δt)
B : σ = E (Bq – α Δt)
C : σ = E (B + α Δt)
D : σ = E (B – α Δt)

σ = E (Bq – α Δt)

Q. 36. Which of the following is not a method for calculation of the stiffness matrix
A : The minimum potential energy principle
B : Galerkin’s principle
C : Weighted residual method
D : Inverse matrix method

Inverse matrix method

Q. 37. The __________ of a robot is the smallest increment of movement into which the robot
can divide its work volume

A : control resolution
B : spatial resolution
C : accuracy
D : precision

spatial resolution

Q. 38. Meshing is a process
A : of reducing infinite to finite degree of freedom
B : of increasing finite to infinite degree of freedom
C : which is dependent on the material
D : cutting the object into small parts


of reducing infinite to finite degree of freedom

Q. 39. This is refers to the up and down rotary motion
A : wrist roll
B : wrist Pitch
C : wrist Yaw
D : Rotational traverse

wrist Pitch

Q. 40. During the execution of a CNC part program block NO20 GO2 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 the
type of tool motion will be

A : circular Interpolation – clockwise
B : circular Interpolation – counterclockwise
C : linear Interpolation
D : rapid feed

circular Interpolation – clockwise

Q. 41. Tooling of Robot is also called as______
A : Manipulator
B : Gripper
C : Wrist
D : End Effector

End Effector

Q. 42. Dimension of global stiffness matrix is
A : N
B : N + N
C : N(N-1)
D : N*N


Q. 43. Sensors which are come in contact with some surface to measured desired physical
variable are known as____.

A : Non-contact sensors
B : Proximity sensors
C : Contact sensors
D : None of the above

Contact sensors

Q. 44. The number of ways in which a robot arm can move is known as
A : Degrees of rotation.
B : Degrees of freedom.
C : Degrees of arc.
D : Coordinate geometry


Degrees of freedom.

Q. 45. ________ is helpful in prevention of shutdown
D : Group Technology


Q. 46. According to __________ movements and arrangement of links different configurations
are possible

A : arm
B : joint
C : grippers
D : end effector


Q. 47. Dimension of global stiffness matrix is
A : N
B : N+N
C : N(N-1)
D : N*N


Q. 48. In the following geometric modeling techniques which is not a three dimensional

A : Wireframe modeling
B : Drafting
C : Surface modeling
D : Solid modeling



Q. 49. The movement of arm along its axis is called the ______
A : vertical traverse
B : Radial Traverse
C : Rotational Traverse
D : wrist Yaw

Radial Traverse

Q. 50. Spherical coordinates can uniquely define the position of a point in up to:
A : One dimension
B : Two dimensions
C : Three dimensions
D : Four dimensions

Three dimensions

Q. 51. Cutter radius compensation- Left is applicable for
A : inside path only
B : outside path only
C : both path simultaneously
D : for both outside and inside path


inside path only

Q. 52. ______ Automation has highest production rate
A : Flexible
B : Programmable
C : Fixed
D : Extended


Q. 53. Which are quality issues in 3D printing?
A : Warpage
B : Staircase effect
C : Both warpage and staircase effect
D : None of the above

Both warpage and staircase effect

Q. 54. Surface patch visibility in STL file depends on
A : Number of points
B : Direction on normal to suface
C : Both Number of points and Normal to surface
D : Direction of tangent to the surface

Direction on normal to suface

Q. 55. Product Flow Analysis is a technique used in
A : Flexible Automation
B : Group Technology
C : Fixed Automation
D : Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Group Technology

Q. 56. For 1-D bar elements if the structure is having 3 nodes then the stiffness matrix formed
is having an order of

A : 2*2
B : 3*3
C : 4*4
D : 6*6


Q. 57. The composite transformation to rotate about any arbitrary point can be written as
A : q501.jpg
B : q502.jpg
C : q503.jpg
D : q504.jpg


Q. 58. In _________ stage of PLM Sales are at peak and profit is maximum
A : introduction
B : growth
C : maturity
D : decline


Q. 59. Shape functions are used to
A : define shape of an element
B : define property of element
C : define variation of property within a element
D : define variation of property within as well as outside of a element

define variation of property within a element

Q. 60. Rotor of _________motor contains the permanent magnet, whereas the stator consists of
the coil segments and iorn

A : Brushless DC motor
B : AC servomotor
C : stepper motor
D : Vane motor


Brushless DC motor

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