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Software Testing Quality Assurance

Here are 60 most important software testing quality assurance mcq questions. These STQA mcq question are some of the most frequently asked question. There are high chances of getting asked in stqa mcq sppu test


Q 1. Select the Browser which is supported by Selenium IDE

A : Google Chrome
B : Mozilla Firefox
C : Opera mini
D : Internet Explorer

Q 2. Which test cases are like a green light for the application and help to determine whether or not the application should go into production

A : System
B : Acceptance
C : Critical
D : Performance


Q 3. How severely the bug is effecting the application is called as

A : Severity
B : Priority
C : Fixability
D : Traceability

Q 4. Black Box Testing is also known as

A : Behavioral Testing
B : Flow Testing
C : Data Testing
D : Control structure testing


Q 5. Which of the following is the best approach for automation in the long

A : Train manual testers and start automation
B : Enforce manual testers to start automation
C : Associate with the developers to start automation
D : Build a team with members having development skills

Q 6. Deferred status in bug life cycle means

A : Developer feels that the bug is not genuine
B : Bug is repeated twice or the two bugs mention the same concept of the bug
C : The bug is expected to be fixed in next releases
D : It is not bug at all


Q 7. Boundary Value Analysis comes under which type of Testing

A : White Box Testing
B : Black Box Testing
C : Grey Box Testing
D : Control structure testing

Q 8. Which of the following is largest bug producer

A : code
B : design
C : analysis
D : specification

Q 9. What is static analysis

A : The analysis of batch programs
B : The reviewing of test plans
C : The analysis of program code
D : The use of black box testing

Q 10. What is defined as a set of development and qity assurance efforts
performed to achieve a common goal, based on the release timeline

A : Test Set
B : Requirement
C : Test Plan
D : Cycle

Q 11. Faults are found most cost effectively in which test activity

A : design
B : Execution
C : Planning
D : Check Exit criteria completion


Q 12. What is the objective of integration testing

A : To verify that system is functioning according to specified reqements
B : To verify that system meets user expectation and needs
C : To verify that system separately testable modules are functioning properly
D : To verify that interfaces between different parts of system

Q 13. Which of the following is not a valid reason for automating a test case

A : The test will need to be executed once but with a large set of data
B : The test gives intermittent results and impossible to test manually
C : The test will help in saving time for doing exploratory testing
D : The test is important for the business and typical use case for testing

Q 14. During which activity tester decides if extra test cases are required or

A : Test implementation and execution
B : Test planning and control
C : Test analysis and design
D : Evaluating exit criteria

Q 15. Which techniq we called sometimes as a glass box testing

A : White box testing
B : Control structure testing
C : Black box testing
D : Gray box testing


Q 16. Component testing is performed by whom

A : Developer
B : Software Tester
C : Designer
D : End User

Q 17. What is quality Control

A : maintaining standards
B : maintained and improved and reduce errors
C : focus on manufacturing
D : focus on designing

Q 18. Which of the following tools would be involved in the automation of
regression test?

A : Output comparator
B : Boundary tester
C : Data transfer
D : Capture or Playback

Q 19. In a company if the test plan is not written according to the standards
and the category of defect will it be classified into

A : Process defect
B : Product defect
C : Procedure defect
D : Proper defect

Q 20. Which test language is usually used in Selenium?

B : Python
C : JavaScript

Q 21. Which one is best suitable example of Load Testing

A : Running multiple applications on a computer or server simultaneously
B : Refering many sites on the internet
C : playing game with graphics
D : Printing a document using printer from remote computer

Q 22. Which steps refers to the set of tasks that ensures the software correctly
implements a specific function

A : Verification
B : Validation
C : Modularity
D : Testing

Q 23. Select the operating system which is NOT supported by Selenium IDE.

A : Unix
B : Linux
C : Windows
D : Solaris

Q 24. Which of the following type of testing is done without Planning and

A : Retesting
B : Unit testing
C : Ad Hoc Testing
D : Regression Testing

Q 25. Verification and Validation uses for

A : Internal and External resources respectively
B : Internal resources only
C : External resources only
D : External and Internal resources respectively

Q 26. Which test case design techniques not appropriate for web application
component level testing?

A : Eqalence Partitioning
B : Basis Path Testing
C : Boundary Value Analysis
D : Performance Testing

Q 27. Select the command in Selenium IDE used to open a page using the URL

A : OpenRecord
B : Open
C : OpenText
D : OpenTable

Q 28. Entry criteria is determined during which phase

A : Planning
B : Follow up
C : Preparation
D : Review meeting

Q 29. The primary objective of formal technical reviews is to find what during
the process so that they do not become defects after release of the software

A : errors
B : eqalent faults
C : failure cause
D : fault

Q 30. Which is not true regarding Spiral Model

A : Risk analysis is involved in every cycle of development
B : Uses series of prototype for refining test execution plan
C : For any change we need to iterate the whole cycle
D : Only this model has the risk analysis phase

Q 31. Whai is to be refer that often disappointing lack of improvement in
software development productivity despite the application of powerful new
development technique and automated support like CASE tools.

A : system dynamics model
B : capability maturity model
C : personal software process model
D : open-source development model


Q 32. The acceptance test engineer created which document to communicate
the deficiency in the acceptance to the supplier

A : Acceptance Caution Change
B : Acceptance Test Change
C : Acceptance Criteria Change
D : Acceptance Execute Change

Q 33. Which of the following is not a method of Dynamic Testing

A : System Testing
B : Inspection
C : Unit Testing

Q 34. Which level of software testing verify the functionality of software
components and identify defect in them

A : Integration Testing
B : Acceptance Testing
C : Unit Testing
D : System Testing

Q 35. Why will you do automation testing

A : It increases defect detection ratio
B : It improves the efficiency of testing
C : It reduces the cost of testing
D : It improves the quality of production code

Q 36. Which of the following is not an appraisal cost in SQ

A : inter process inspection
B : maintenance
C : quality planning
D : testing


Q 37. which black box technique divides the input domain into classes of data
that are likely to exercise specific software function

A : Boundary value analysis
B : Graph based testing
C : Equivalence partitioning
D : loop testing

Q 38. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Alpha Testing

A : Simulated environment is created at developers site and user tests the system
B : System is installed at user organization and user tests the system
C : Alpha testing is also called as factory acceptance testing
D : Alpha testing is performed by tetsers who are employees of organization

Q 39. In which situations Regression Testing is not performed

A : When project manger asks to perform
B : When new functionality is introduced
C : When database system is changed
D : When system is installed on different hardware configuration than previously

Q 40. What is involved in a system level test plan

A : Subsystem Verification and Validation
B : Development Testing
C : System Verification and Validation
D : Subsystem and System Testing

Q 41. Who leads a walk through

A : Author
B : Moderator
C : Reviewer
D : Scribe

Q 42. Which model is used for identifying the organizational processes
required to ensure software process quality

A : system dynamics model
B : capability maturity model
C : open-source development model
D : personal software process model


Q 43. Which of the following is not a prereqr automation testing

A : Ready Test Scripts
B : Ready Test Suite
C : Stable code and application
D : Skilled and experienced resources

Q 44. Which of the following is not a white box technique

A : State Transition Teting
B : Path testing
C : Statement testing
D : Data flow testing

Q 45. Select the language which is supported by The Selenium Web Driver

A : Perl
B : SQ
D : Cobol

Q 46. Which of the following is not a testable web application element?

A : Authentication
B : Encryption
C : Firewalls
D : Penetration

Q 47. Who identifies then documents and verifies that corrections have been
made to the software

A : Managing director
B : Project manager
C : Project team
D : SQA group

Q 48. Three simple steps below refer 1 Analyze defects or errors to trace the root causes 2 Suggest preventive actions to eliminate the defect root causes 3 Implement the preventive actions

A : Defect Tracking
B : Defect Prevention
C : Defect Age
D : Defect Risks


Q 49. The Selenium is refer as

A : Provides professional customer support
B : Test Reports are generated automatically
C : Comes with a built in object repository
D : Cannot access elements outside of the web application under test

Q 50. Which one of the following describes the major benefit of verification early in the life cycle

A : It allows the identification of changes in user requirements
B : It facilitates timely set up of the test environment
C : It reduces defect multiplication
D : It allows testers to become involved early in the project

Q 51. What is the normal order of activities in which traditional software
testing is organised

A : integration testing then system testing then unit testing and validation testingB : unit testing then validation testing then system testing and integration testing
C : unit testing then integration testing then validation testing and system testing
D : validation testing then system testing then unit testing and integration testing

Q 52. Select what is the primary objective of formal technical reviews to find during the process so that after the release of the software they do not become the defect

A : fault
B : error
C : failure
D : accuracy

Q 53. Which white-box testing technique is firstly proposed by Tom McCabe

A : Eqalence Partitioning
B : Basis Path Testing
C : Boundary Value Analysis
D : Branch Coverage

Q 54. During which phase discrepancies are reported as defects

A : Evaluating exit criteria and reporting
B : Test closure activity
C : Test implementation and execution
D : Test analysis and design


Q 55. When you are recording the application, the test script is automatically generate The test script used in SilkTest is called

A : Silk Test
B : 4Test
C : Test Suite
D : Recording

Q 56. What technique involves having an experienced evaluator apply a set of guidelines or principles in examining an interface

A : Experience Summary
B : Cognitive Walkthrough
C : Usability Test
D : Heuristic Evaluation

Q 57. Which type is used for Firebug in Selenium

A : Inspecting Elements
B : Parallel Testing
C : Programming
D : Cross Browser Testing


Q 58. Which of the following should NOT normally be an objective for a test

A : To find faults in the software
B : To assess whether the software is ready for release
C : To demonstrate that the software doesn’t work
D : To prove that the software is correct

Q 59. In CMMI model the life cycle activities of requirements analysis design
code and test are described in

A : Software Product Engineering
B : Software Quality Assurance
C : Software Subcontract Management
D : Software Quality Management

Q 60. A logical collection of test cases which naturally work together is called as

A : Test procedure
B : Test log
C : Test Suite
D : Test data

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